NOTE: Review the Audit Deadlines for Units Seeking LGC Approval of Debt (read more).
Annual Financial Information Report (AFIR)
Annual Report due by October 31st of each year for all Municipalities and Counties in North Carolina

The Annual Financial Information Report form and process has changed beginning with fiscal year ended June 30, 2012.  This form was redesigned in consultation with representatives of local governments, state agencies, Legislative Research, the N.C. League of Municipalities and the N.C. Association of County Commissioners.  The US Census and the Department of State Treasurer have partnered to provide a website and data upload process for municipalities and counties in North Carolina.

It is important that you read the PDF instructions below and the instructions on the first tab of the form itself.  

For questions on downloading or completing the form, please call Department of State Treasurer staff at 919-814-4299.

For questions on user IDs or passwords for the US Census Bureau website, please contact the US Census support staff at or call 301-763-5153 or 1-800-242-4523.

Please note that Department of State Treasurer staff cannot assign or reset user IDs or passwords for the US Census Bureau website.

AFIR Forms Description​
AFIR Instructions ​Instructions on completing and submitting the Annual Financial Information Report (AFIR).
AFIR Instructional Video ​A video illustrating how to complete the AFIR.
US Census Website - AFIR

This is a link to the U.S. Census website where the current AFIR form is available for download.

​2018 AFIR Template Current Excel Version ​The completed 2018 AFIR must be submitted through the U.S. Census website.
2018 AFIR Template Excel Version 97-2003 ​2018 AFIR Template for Excel Version 97-2003.  This template is not available on the U.S. Census website, but may be used and uploaded by those without access to the latest Excel version.
AFIR Reports - 2012-Current            Obtain reports of the data collected from Municipalities and Counties for current and past years.
Historical AFIR Reports - 1994-2011 Historical Unit Information by population.
Annual Financial Information Report (AFIR)
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