Annual Financial Information Report Due by October 31st

North Carolina General Statute 159-33-1 requires units of local government to submit a statement of financial information to the Secretary of the Local Government Commission.  Counties and municipalities in North Carolina are required to submit the Annual Financial Information Report by October 31st of each year.

The report form was designed in consultation with representatives of local governments, state agencies, Legislative Research, the N.C. League of Municipalities and the N.C. Association of County Commissioners.  The US Census and the Department of State Treasurer have partnered to provide a website and data upload process for municipalities and counties in North Carolina.

It is important that you read the PDF instructions below and the instructions on the first tab of the form itself prior to submitting your report.  

For questions on downloading or completing the form, please call Department of State Treasurer staff at 919-814-4299.

For questions on user IDs or passwords for the US Census Bureau website, please contact the US Census support staff at or call 301-763-5153 or 1-800-242-4523. 

Please note that Department of State Treasurer staff cannot assign or reset user IDs or passwords for the US Census Bureau website. You must contact the US Census Bureau for any ID or password issues.

Instructions, Forms, and Links

AFIR Instructions

US Census Website - AFIR 

2019 AFIR Template

AFIR Reports: 2012 - Current



2012 - Present

Reports and analysis based on AFIR data submitted by counties and municipalities from 2012 to present.

North Carolina County and Municipal Financial Information


1994 - 2011

AFIR data submitted by counties and municipalities from 1994 to 2011.

Note that the AFIR report format was different prior to 2012. This Excel spreadsheet provides a line number mapping between the data elements collected in the report form used from 1994-2011 and the data elements collected in the current report form. 

County AFIR Data Municipal AFIR Data
2011 2011
2010 2010
2009 2009
2008 2008
2007 2007
2006 2006
2005 2005
2004 2004
2003 2003
2002 2002
2001 2001
2000 2000
1999 1999

1998 A-F

1998 G-O

1998 P-Z


1997 A-F

1997 G-O

1997 P-Z


1996 A-F

1996 G-O

1996 P-Z


1995 A-D

1995 E-L

1995 M-R

1995 S-Z


1994 A-D

1994 E-L

1994 M-R

1994 S-Z