NOTE: Review the Audit Deadlines for Units Seeking LGC Approval of Debt (read more).
Financial Analysis Tools and Reports
Benchmarking Tool for Municipalities and Counties
This tool allows units to benchmark key statistics against up to five of their peers using data taken from municipality and county audit reports. 

Analysis by Population for Municipalities and Counties
This data is self-reported by municipalities and counties on the Annual Financial Information Report (AFIR).  The data is presented by unit and grouped by population along with population and statewide averages.  Includes Historical Reports for Municipalities and Counties from 1994 to 2011.

Water Sewer Dashboard
This dashboard allows units to benchmark against their peers who operate a water sewer system by various criteria including geography, river basin, rate structure, similar # of accounts, etc. 

Report Description​
Bond Debt Query Reports debt for a given unit of local government
County & Municipal Debt Analysis Summary of debt information by unit type
Annual Annual Debt Payment Notices with June 30 2018 Balances.pdfDebt Notices ​Report of all local governments' annual debt notices in alphabetical order
Consolidated State and Local Government Debt Reports Links to five reports with debt information customized to each local government unit