Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Treasurer Dale R. Folwell, Auditor Beth Wood Issue Joint Statement on House Veto Override

SB299 Provides Local Government Commission With Tools to Help Ensure Audit Rules Are Followed
Raleigh, NC
Jun 27, 2023

We hope this law is never used, but unfortunately there are some cases in which it may need to be implemented. Ensuring local governments’ bank books are balanced and taxpayer money is properly accounted for has always been important. With millions of federal dollars flowing through our local governments, that obligation is more important than ever.

The intent of this legislation is to give the necessary tools to the Local Government Commission so it can enforce the rules that taxpayers expect their elected officials to follow. This will be especially helpful in dealing with repeat offenders, some of which are years behind on conducting audits. In the spirit of collaboration, there also is an appeal process through which they can contest withholding of their state sales tax revenue.