​27,000 Medical Providers Join NC State Health Plan Network Agree to No More Dark Money, Secret deals, or Higher Costs



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​​ 27,000 Medical Providers Join NC State Health Plan Network

Agree to No More Dark Money, Secret deals, or Higher Costs




(Raleigh, N.C.) – State Treasurer Dale R. Folwell, CPA, and the State Health Plan (Plan) announced today that the State Health Plan Network has exceeded 27,000 medical providers to join the new North Carolina State Health Plan Network. The new network will launch on January 1, 2020 and will provide healthcare coverage to more than 720,000 teachers and state employees. 

“We're pleased that so many medical providers have joined us in opposing secret deals and higher costs for state employees," said Folwell. “We're also honored that so many understand what we are trying to do with the Clear Pricing Project and have decided to join the new network. But we realize that more work needs to be done to complete the network."

The North Carolina State Health Plan Network is the result of the Clear Pricing Project (CPP) announced last year. Under CPP, the Plan will move away from a commercial-based payment model to a reference-based, transparent pricing model tied to Medicare rates. Health care providers will be reimbursed for their services at Medicare rates plus an average of 82 percent. Plan members will save more than $50 million in out-of-pocket expenses.

Folwell added that some media outlets have been reporting that the new network had only three providers and had not been meeting with medical providers to discuss the plan and options. “That is patently false," said Folwell. “We have more than 27,000 medical providers who have signed, and we have had dozens and dozens of meetings with hospitals, legislators and stakeholders. We have answered every call, email and attended every meeting. We will meet with anybody, anytime, anywhere."

Providers should visit www.bluecrossnc.com/providers/ncstatehealthplannetwork for more information. Plan members can find more information regarding the Clear Pricing Project at www.shpnc.org.

The State Health Plan, a division of the N.C. Department of State Treasurer, provides health care coverage to more than 727,000 teachers, current and former lawmakers, state university and community college personnel, active and retired state employees, and their dependents.  ​