The following resource material is provided for recipients of financial assistance through the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the NC Department of Transportation (NC DOT), and the NC Department of Environmental Quality (NC DEQ).

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NC DHHS - DSS County Director Letters

NC DHHS Audit Confirmation Reports

The following Excel worksheets can assist users in properly presenting the financial assitance on the local government's or public authority's Schedule of Expenditures of Federal and State Awards (SESFA). The funding amounts are for confirmation purposes only and should not be used for reporting to the SEFSA.

Filename Title Updated
LGC-MH MHDDSAS 10/15/2018
PartnersBehavioralHealthcare-MH Sample of MHDDSAS 10/15/2018
LGC-PH Public Health 09/16/2022
Wake County-PH Sample of PH 09/16/2022
Martin-Tyrrell-Washington DH-PH Sample of PH 09/16/2022

The NC Department of Transportation Grant Master Lists. These reports are presented on a cash basis.

2022 Grant Master List (7/1/2022)

2021 Grant Master List (7/1/2021)

2020 Grant Master List (7/1/2020)