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North Carolina County and Municipal Finance Information

Data self-reported by counties and municipalities on the Annual Financial Information Report (AFIR).

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Benchmarking Tool for North Carolina Counties and Municipalities

Tool for benchmarking counties and municipalities against their peers using key financial statistics.

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North Carolina Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard

Rate and financial information for water and wastewater systems; presented by the UNC School of Government’s Environmental Finance Center.

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State and Local Government Debt Reports

An Excel spreadsheet containing links to reports associated with debt issuances, monthly and annual debt requirements, outstanding debt, and debt limitations for local governments and for the State. (*Note: You must ensure you click "Enable Content" a the top of the spreadsheet if prompted, otherwise you will get an error message and be unable to use the "Find Unit" functions)

Bond Link Information

County and Municipal Debt Analysis

An annual analysis of debt issued by North Carolina counties and municipalities.

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Annual Debt Payment Notices

A report of annual principal and interest payments for all outstanding debt as of June 30, 2018 held by North Carolina counties and municipalities

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