Local Debt

​The Debt Management Section issues and monitors all local government debt and helps to determine the amounts to be sold. Bond sales are scheduled at the most appropriate time for marketing.

Plans for repayment of debt (maturity schedules), and bond offering documents are prepared with advice and assistance of bond counsel, and the actual sales and delivery of bonds on behalf of local governments are conducted by the Debt Management Section.  Learn More...

Analysis Tools and Reports

Resource Description​
Bond Reporter Newsletter published monthly reporting debt for given units of local government
County and Municipal Debt Analysis Report
Summary of debt information by unit type
Annual Debt Payment Notices with
6/30/2016 Balances
​Report of all local governments' annual debt notices in alphabetical order
NC Local Government Debt Schedules Links to five reports with debt information customized to each local government unit
Complete listing of Memos which can be filtered by Memo Category, Year, and Subject
Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds NC Department of Commerce information letter regarding Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds and Request for Reallocation
Guidelines for Debt Issuance Guidelines and suggestions on debt issuance
Secondary Market Disclosure Information Annual secondary market disclosure memo and sample submissions
Benchmarking Tool for Municipalities and Counties Tool which allows units to benchmark key statistics against up to five of their peers using data taken from municipality and county audit reports
Analysis by Population for Municipalities and Counties Self-reported data by municipalities and counties on the Annual Financial Information Report (AFIR)​

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