Disaster Recovery Resources Following is Guidance for Public Assistance for governmental units in NC.  The 2015 NC Disaster Recovery Guide, produced by the Office of the Governor and the Office of State Budget and Management,  provides good guidance on multiple disaster related topics. Specifically related to unit  assistance is the following: North Carolina 2015 Disaster Recovery Guide List of Contact Information Discussion of Public Assistance Once a unit is qualified by the State for public assistance there are several forms furnished by FEMA that need to be utilized to track and document billable costs incurred during recovery efforts. The FEMA forms should be utilized as formatted or you must use them as a guide to capture all of the relevant information necessary for a successful FEMA reimbursement.   Public Assistance All Forms – This is an excel file with multiple tabs that cover all costs anticipated to be incurred during recovery efforts. A separate copy of this file should be used for each individual Project Worksheet (PW). Form for Tracking Admin Time Spent on FEMA Program – This is a worksheet that may be used to track administrative time spent on FEMA recovery efforts that is not a direct cost of a Project Worksheet (PW). An example would be an accountant that works on multiple FEMA projects to accumulate documentation to report to FEMA. Admin time documented may be charged to each PW. Summary of Documentation – This is a worksheet where all costs of a PW may be summarized. It will be most relevant for the final inspection of completed projects.  FEMA Website FEMA Public Assistance Applicant Handbook