Audit Deadlines for Units on the LGC Agenda

Date of LGC Meeting Submission Due Date for 2018 Audit ​
​November 6, 2018 before or on October 17, 2018​
​December 4, 2018 ​before or on November 14, 2018
​January 8, 2019
​before or on December 19, 2018
All of these deadlines are qualified with the following:  If you are planning to go before the LGC with a debt application after October 31, 2018, you must have your 2018 audit submitted and reviewed by LGC staff in accordance with the above deadlines.  If you have findings in your 2018 audit, staff will attempt to schedule a unit visit in advance of the intended LGC meeting date.  However, because of the volume of reports that we receive from November – January, we cannot guarantee that we can schedule a visit in time, and may have to push the application to the following month.  If we have financial concerns about your unit, we will send you a unit letter; the unit must respond satisfactorily to the letter in order to be placed on the LGC agenda for any given month. 
If you have any questions please contact us at (919) 814-4289.