2015 Agency Matrix for State Programs

2015 Detailed Matrix

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This matrix includes a detailed list of the Supplement Numbers and the applicable Types of Compliance Requirements.  

2015 Supplement Library 

collapse Agency : NC Department of Agriculture ‎(3)
AGRI-2TVA Settlement Grant ProgramPDFWord
AGRI-3Tobacco Trust Fund CommissionPDFWord
collapse Agency : NC Department of Commerce ‎(2)
COM-2Special AppropriationsPDFWord
COM-4Grassroots Science ProgramPDFWord
collapse Agency : NC Department of Cultural Resources ‎(1)
DCR-4Aid to Public Libraries FundPDFWord
collapse Agency : NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources ‎(15)
DENR-2NC Clean Water Bond ProgramPDFWord
DENR-4Clean Water Management Trust FundPDFWord
DENR-7White Goods Management Account Grants / White Goods Management ProgramPDFWord
DENR-8Scrap Tire Disposal Account GrantsPDFWord
DENR-10N.C. Clean Water Revolving Loan & Grant ProgramPDFWord
DENR-14Solid Waste Management Trust Fund Grant ProgramPDFWord
DENR-16NC Drinking Water Bond ProgramPDFWord
DENR-17NC Drinking Water Revolving Loan and Grant ProgramPDFWord
DENR-18Mobile Source Emissions Reduction GrantsPDFWord
DENR-19Water Resources Development Project Grant ProgramPDFWord
DENR-22Public Beach & Coastal Waterfront Access ProgramPDFWord
DENR-23Parks and Recreation Trust FundPDFWord
DENR-24State Clean Diesel GrantPDFWord
DENR-28Electronics Management AccountPDFWord
DENR-29North Carolina Auxiliary Power Unit RebatesPDFWord
collapse Agency : NC Department of Health and Human Services ‎(16)
DHHS-7Office of Rural Health and Community Care /Rural Health Centers / Operational Grants ProgramPDFWord
DHHS-8Smart Start -Local PartnershipsPDFWord
DHHS-8aSmart Start - Direct Service ProvidersPDFWord
DHHS-25Energy Neighborhood Fund – Progress EnergyPDFWord
DHHS-28State Foster Care Benefits ProgramPDFWord
DHHS-30State/County Special Assistance for AdultsPDFWord
DHHS-41Foster Care – At Risk FundsPDFWord
DHHS-50NC Pre-Kindergarten ProgramPDFWord
DHHS-54Crisis ServicesPDFWord
DHHS-55LME Systems PerformancePDFWord
DHHS-56Office of Rural Health and Community Care / HealthNetPDFWord
DHHS-58Children’s Trust FundPDFWord
DHHS-62State Maternity Home FundPDFWord
DHHS-63Statewide Telepsychiatry ProgramPDFWord
DHHS-64North Carolina Child Treatment Program (NC CTP)PDFWord
DHHS-65Child Protective Services - State in Home ExpansionPDFWord
collapse Agency : NC Department of Insurance ‎(1)
GOV-4State Fire Protection Grant FundPDFWord
collapse Agency : NC Department of Public Instruction ‎(8)
DPI-3State Public School Fund (LEAs)PDFWord
DPI-4State Public School Fund (Charter Schools)PDFWord
DPI-5Vocational Education Program Support Funds (PRC 14)PDFWord
DPI-6Vocational Education State Months of Employment (PRC 13)PDFWord
DPI-7State Textbook FundsPDFWord
DPI-8Driver Training - State Public School Fund (SPSF) - PRC-012 (Local Education Agencies - LEAs)PDFWord
DPI-9School Technology Fund - State Public School Fund (SPSF) PRC015 - Local Education Agencies (LEAs)PDFWord
*GOV-1Public School Building Capital FundPDFWord
collapse Agency : NC Department of Public Safety ‎(1)
*GOV-5Juvenile Crime Prevention ProgramPDFWord
collapse Agency : NC Department of Transportation ‎(17)
DOT-2Facility Improvement ProgramPDFWord
DOT-3Human Service Transportation Management ProgramPDFWord
DOT-4Non-State System Street-Aid Allocation (Powell Bill)PDFWord
DOT-8State Aid to Airports ProgramPDFWord
DOT-9State Maintenance Assistance for Urban and Small Urban ProgramPDFWord
DOT-10Technology ProgramPDFWord
DOT-11Transit Developmental Programs (Capital and Noncapital)PDFWord
DOT-13Visitor CenterPDFWord
DOT-14Rural Capital ProgramPDFWord
DOT-16CLRural Operating Assistance Program (ROAP) Cluster - Elderly and Disabled Transportation Assistance Program (E&DTAP) - Rural General Public Program (RGP) - Work First Transitional / Employment Transportation AssistancePDFWord
DOT-18Highway Construction ProgramPDFWord
DOT-19Urban/Regional Bus and Facility ProgramPDFWord
DOT-20Regional and New Starts ProgramPDFWord
DOT-21Regional and Intercity ProgramPDFWord
DOT-22NC Moving AheadPDFWord
DOT-23Rail Industrial Access and Short Line Infrastructure AssistancePDFWord
DOT-24Regional Bicycle PlanningPDFWord
collapse Agency : NC Housing Finance Agency ‎(1)
NCHFA-2National Mortgage Settlement Program (Attorney General’s Settlement) 2012PDFWord
collapse Agency : Office of the Governor ‎(1)
GOV-2Special AppropriationsPDFWord
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