2015 Agency Matrix for Federal Programs

2015 Detailed Matrix

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This matrix includes a detailed list of the Supplement Numbers and the applicable Types of Compliance Requirements.


2015 Supplement Library

collapse Agency : 10. U.S. Department of Agriculture ‎(10)
10.170Specialty Crop Block Grant ProgramPDFWord
10.551-CLFood and Nutrition Services Administrative Matching Grants for Food and Nutrition ProgramPDFWord
10.553-CLChild Nutrition ProgramPDFWord
10.555Food DistributionPDFWord
10.557Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, & Children (WIC)PDFWord
10.558Child & Adult Care Food ProgramPDFWord
10.559Summer Food Service Program for ChildrenPDFWord
10.565Commodity Supplemental Food ProgramPDFWord
10.568-2CLEmergency Food Assistance ProgramPDFWord
10.664Urban & Community Forestry Grant ProgramPDFWord
collapse Agency : 14. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ‎(5)
14.169Comprehensive Housing Counseling (CHC)PDFWord
14.228North Carolina Small Cities CDBG and Neighborhood Stabilization ProgramPDFWord
14.231Emergency Solutions Grants ProgramPDFWord
14.239-1Single Family Rehabilitation ProgramPDFWord
14.241Housing Opportunities for Persons with Aids (HOPWA)PDFWord
collapse Agency : 15. U.S. Department of the Interior ‎(1)
15.916Land & Water Conservation Fund PDFWord
collapse Agency : 16. U.S. Department of Justice ‎(6)
16.017Sexual Assault Services Formula ProgramPDFWord
16.523Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant Program (JAIBG)PDFWord
16.540Juvenile Justice and Delinquency PreventionPDFWord
16.575Victims of Crime ActPDFWord
16.588Violence Against Women Formula GrantPDFWord
16.738Byrne Justice Assistance Grant – BYRNE JagPDFWord
collapse Agency : 17. U.S. Department of Labor ‎(4)
17.207-1CLEmployment Service ClusterPDFWord
17.235Senior Community Service Employment Program Title VPDFWord
17.245Trade Adjustment AssistancePDFWord
17.258-1CLWorkforce Investment Act ClusterPDFWord
collapse Agency : 20. U.S. Department of Transportation ‎(19)
20.106State Block Grant ProgramPDFWord
20.205-1CLHighway Planning, Research & Construction Cluster (Construction and Maintenance)PDFWord
20.205-2Enhancement Programs:  Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act:  A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU)PDFWord
20.205-3Railroad Station Improvement Program:  Transportation Equity Act for the Twenty-First Century (TEA-21)PDFWord
20.205-4Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Enhancement Programs: Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) and Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21)PDFWord
20.205-5Highway Planning, Research & Construction (Metropolitan Planning)PDFWord
20.205-6Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Grant (SAFETEA-UL)PDFWord
20.205-7Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS)PDFWord
20.205-8Rural Planning and ResearchPDFWord
20.219Recreational Trails ProgramPDFWord
20.314Railroad DevelopmentPDFWord
20.319High Speed Rail Corridors and Intercity Passenger Rail ServicePDFWord
20.500Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Capital Program PDFWord
20.505Metropolitan Planning Program/State Planning and Research Program 49 U.S.C. 5303 and 5313 PDFWord
20.507Urbanized Area Formula Program PDFWord
20.509Community Transportation Program (Public Transportation for Nonurbanized Areas)PDFWord
20.513-CLElderly and Persons with Disabilities ProgramPDFWord
20.516Job Access and Reverse Commute Program (JARC)PDFWord
20.600-2CLGovernor’s Highway Safety ProgramPDFWord
collapse Agency : 21. U.S. Department of Treasury ‎(1)
21.000-1National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Grant (R7)PDFWord
collapse Agency : 45. U.S. National Endowment for the Arts ‎(2)
45.025Arts in Education, Creative Economies, Traditional Arts Programs in Schools, State Arts Resources, Statewide Service Organizations, Statewide Initiatives, Organizational Development, Arts & Audiences, and Artist FellowshipsPDFWord
45.310Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) ProgramPDFWord
collapse Agency : 66. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ‎(4)
66.454205 (j) / 604(b) Water Quality Management Planning GrantPDFWord
66.458Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF)PDFWord
66.460Section 319 GrantPDFWord
66.468Drinking Water State Revolving FundPDFWord
collapse Agency : 81. U.S. Department of Energy ‎(3)
81.041State Energy ProgramPDFWord
81.042Weatherization Assistance Program for Low-Income Persons PDFWord
81.119State Energy ProgramPDFWord
collapse Agency : 84. U.S. Department of Education ‎(26)
84.010-1Title 1 Grants to LEAs - Basic and Concentration (PRC 50)PDFWord
84.010-2Title I School Improvement (105/142)PDFWord
84.011Migrant Education (Title 1 of NCLB) (PRC 051)PDFWord
84.013Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth who are Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk (PRC 050)PDFWord
84.027-CLIDEA, Part B (619) Preschool (Prc 049); IDEA, Part B (611) (PRC 060); Coordinated Early Intervening Services (PRC 070); Risk Pool (PRC 114); Special Needs Targeted Assistance (PRC 118); Preschool Targeted Assistance (PRC 119)PDFWord
84.048Career and Technical Education - (PRC 17)PDFWord
84.169-1NC Statewide Independent Living Council, Inc.PDFWord
84.169-2Eastern North Carolina Center for Independent Living, Inc.PDFWord
84.169-3Pathways For The Future, Inc.PDFWord
84.169-4Disability Resource Center, Inc.PDFWord
84.169-5Disability Rights And Resources CenterPDFWord
84.169-6Universal Disability Advocates DBA Alliance Of Disability Advocates Center For Independent LivingPDFWord
84.169-7Universal Disability Advocates DBA Alliance Of Disability Advocates Center For Independent LivingPDFWord
84.169-8Pathways for the Future, Inc.PDFWord
84.181-2North Carolina Early Intervention ProgramPDFWord
84.196-CLEducation for Homeless Children and Youth (PRC 26)PDFWord
84.28721st Century Community Learning Centers (PRC 110)PDFWord
84.323NC State Improvement Project (PRC 82)PDFWord
84.358-1Rural Low-Income PRC 91 (SRSA REAP FLEX)PDFWord
84.358-2Rural Education Initiative (PRC 109)PDFWord
84.365English Language Acquisition (PRC 104 & 111)PDFWord
84.366Mathematics and Science Partnership (PRC 112)PDFWord
84.367Improving Teacher QualityPDFWord
84.377-CLTitle I School Improvement (PRC 117/143)PDFWord
84.395Race To The Top PRC 156PDFWord
84.412Race To The Top-Early Learning ChallengePDFWord
collapse Agency : 93. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ‎(95)
93.041Special Programs for the Aging – Title VII, Chapter 3 – Programs for Prevention of Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation (Elder Abuse Prevention)PDFWord
93.042Special Programs for the Aging – Title VII, Chapter 2 – Long Term Care Ombudsman Services for Older Individuals (State Grants for Long-term Care Ombudsman Services)PDFWord
93.043Special Programs for the Aging - Title III - D Disease Prevention and Health Promotion ServicesPDFWord
93.044-CLSpecial Programs for the Aging - Title III – B Grants for Supportive Services and Senior Center Special Programs for the Aging – Title III – C Nutrition Services Nutrition services incentive program (NSIP)PDFWord
93.052Family Caregiver Support ProgramPDFWord
93.069NC Public Health Preparedness and ResponsePDFWord
93.072North Carolina Lifespan Respite ProjectPDFWord
93.092Personal Responsibility Education ProgramPDFWord
93.094Wise Woman ProjectPDFWord
93.116Project Grants and Cooperative Agreements for Tuberculosis Control ProgramsPDFWord
93.136-1N. C. Rape Prevention and Education ProgramPDFWord
93.136-2N. C. Core Violence and Injury Prevention ProgramPDFWord
93.150Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)PDFWord
93.217Family PlanningPDFWord
93.224NC Farmworkers Health Program/Farmworker Medical Outreach ServicePDFWord
93.234Traumatic Brain Injury State Demonstration Grant ProgramPDFWord
93.235Abstinence Until Marriage (PRC 057)PDFWord
93.241Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant ProgramPDFWord
93.243-4NC Linking Actions to Unmet Needs in Children’s HealthPDFWord
93.243-5State and Tribal Youth Suicide Prevention GrantPDFWord
93.268-2Immunization Program/Aid to County FundingPDFWord
93.283-3Comprehensive Tobacco Use Prevention and Control ProgramPDFWord
93.283-4North Carolina Comprehensive Cancer Control ProgramPDFWord
93.283-7NC Breast and Cervical Cancer Control ProgramPDFWord
93.301Rural Hospital Improvement Program / Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant ProgramPDFWord
93.500Young Families Connected:  Engaging CommunitiesPDFWord
93.505-1Healthy Families America Home VisitingPDFWord
93.505-2Nurse Family PartnershipPDFWord
93.512Personal and Home Care Aide State Training ProgramPDFWord
93.531ACA-PPHF Community Transformation Grant (CTG)PDFWord
93.556Community Based ProgramsPDFWord
93.558-3Work First ProgramPDFWord
93.558-6Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI)PDFWord
93.558-10CLSpecial Children Adoption Fund (A/K/A Adoption Promotion Program Fund)PDFWord
93.558-11NC Pre-Kindergarten Program (TANF)PDFWord
93.563NC Child Support Enforcement SectionPDFWord
93.566-2Refugee Cash and Medical AssistancePDFWord
93.566-3Refugee Assistance Program - Social ServicesPDFWord
93.568-1Heating and Air Repair and Replacement ProgramPDFWord
93.568-2Low-Income Energy AssistancePDFWord
93.568-3Crisis Intervention ProgramPDFWord
93.569Community Services Block Grant ProgramPDFWord
93.575-2CLChild Care Quality and AvailabilityPDFWord
93.575-3CLSubsidized Child Care Program PDFWord
93.576-3Refugee Assistance Program - Elderly Refugee ProjectPDFWord
93.576-4NC Refugee Health ProgramPDFWord
93.576-6Refugee Assistance Program -  Cuban/Haitian Refugee and Entrant ProgramPDFWord
93.576-7Refugee Assistance Program -  Refugee School ImpactPDFWord
93.584Refugee Assistance Program – Targeted Assistance FormulaPDFWord
93.590Community Based Child Abuse Prevention ProgramPDFWord
93.597NC Access and Visitation ProgramPDFWord
93.599NC LINKS-Educational Training VouchersPDFWord
93.630NC Council on Developmental DisabilitiesPDFWord
93.645-2Permanency PlanningPDFWord
93.645-3CLAdoption Assistance Program IV-BPDFWord
93.658-2CLTitle IV-E Maximization Program and State FundsPDFWord
93.658-4CLFoster Care and Adoption ProgramsPDFWord
93.667-1Social Services Block GrantPDFWord
93.667-3State In-Home Services FundPDFWord
93.667-4State Adult Day Care FundPDFWord
93.667-9CLIntellectual Developmental Disabilities - Developmental Disabilities ServicesPDFWord
93.667-13TANF Transfer to Social Services Block GrantPDFWord
93.667-15Boys and Girls Home of North CarolinaPDFWord
93.667-16CLSpecial Children Adoption Incentive FundPDFWord
93.669-3Child Abuse and Neglect GrantPDFWord
93.671-1Family Violence Prevention GrantPDFWord
93.671-2Family Violence Prevention and ServicesPDFWord
93.674NC Links ProgramPDFWord
93.753Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention SurveillancePDFWord
93.758Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant PDFWord
93.767-1Health ChoicePDFWord
93.767-2Community Care of NC/Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA)PDFWord
93.778-1Medical AssistancePDFWord
93.778-7Sickle Cell Patient ServicesPDFWord
93.778-8Community Care of North CarolinaPDFWord
93.778-9State and County Special Assistance Administration Funding for CountiesPDFWord
93.889-1NC Hospital and Preparedness ProgramPDFWord
93.917Ryan White ProgramPDFWord
93.926Healthy Start Baby Love Plus CommunityPDFWord
93.940-CLHIV Prevention Activities – Health Department Based; HIV / Aids Surveillance; Preventive Health Services Std Control GrantsPDFWord
93.945-CLNC Community and Clinical Connections for Prevention and Health – Community Liaisons for HealthPDFWord
93.958Mental Health ServicesPDFWord
93.959-1Substance Abuse ServicesPDFWord
93.959-2Substance Abuse PreventionPDFWord
93.994-3Healthy Mothers/Healthy ChildrenPDFWord
93.994-5Genetic Health Care ProgramPDFWord
93.994-12School Nurse Funding InitiativePDFWord
93.994-13Healthy Beginnings (Minority Infant Morality Reduction Program)PDFWord
93.994-14Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of NCPDFWord
93.994-15Family Strengthening Initiative:  Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)PDF
93.994-16Innovative Approaches:  A Local System Improvement Approach for Children with Special Health Care NeedsPDFWord
93.994-17Pregnancy Care ManagementPDFWord
93.994-18Nurse Family PartnershipPDFWord
93.994-19Kenneth C. Royall, Jr.  Children’s Vision Screening Improvement ProgramPDFWord
93.994-20Care Coordination For Children (CC4C)PDFWord
collapse Agency : 97. U.S. Department of Homeland Security ‎(7)
97.029N.C. Mitigation (Flood Mitigation Assistance)PDFWord
97.036Public Assistance ProgramPDFWord
97.039N.C. Mitigation (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program)PDFWord
97.047N.C. Mitigation (Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program)PDFWord
97.067Homeland Security Grant Program  (HSGP)PDFWord
97.092N.C. Mitigation (Repetitive Flood Claims Program)PDFWord
97.110N.C. Mitigation (Severe Repetitive Loss Program)PDFWord
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