NOTE: Review the Audit Deadlines for Units Seeking LGC Approval of Debt (read more).
NC DEQ, NC DHHS, and NC DOT Financial Assistance
The following resource material is provided for recipients of Financial Assistance through the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the NC Department of Transportation (DOT).

NC DHHS Financial Assistance Resources 
​The following MS Excel worksheets can assist users in properly presenting the financial assistance on the local government's or public authority’s Schedule of Expenditures of Federal and State Awards (SEFSA). The funding amounts are for confirmation purposes only and should not be used for reporting on the SEFSA. ​

Sample of MHDDSAS10/15/2018
Public Health9/18/2019
Sample of PH9/18/2019
Sample of PH9/18/2019

NC DHHS Audit Confirmation Reports​

NC DOT Financial Assistance Resources

​​The NC Department of Transportation Grant Master Lists.  These reports are on Cash Basis.  (Contact Grant Accountant at 919-707-4245 concerning payments to vendors subsequent to June 30.)

    2017 Grant Master List (7/1/2017)

NC DEQ Financial Assistance Resources
​​The NC Department of Environmental Quality Clean Water and Drinking Water funding reports.  Both are on a cash basis.
    2018-2019  CW DW Disbursements for FY 18-19
            Key to Code for Disbursement Report
    2017-2018  CWSRF (66.458)    DWSRF (66.468)
    2016-2017  CWSRF (66.458)    DWSRF (66.468)
Annual Financial Information Report (AFIR)
Annual Audit Forms and Resources
Cash and Investments
Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Resources
Non-Audit Services
Aids to Financial Statement Preparation
Secondary Market Disclosure
Ancillary Governmental Participant Investment Program (AGPIP)