Vision and Mission


Our vision is to sustain and advance the performance and efficiency of the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer, always focusing on our loyalty and duty of care to participants.


Our mission is to preserve, protect and sustain the state’s pension and healthcare plans, reduce investment fees while maximizing returns, properly account for and report on all funds that are deposited, invested, and disbursed through the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer, assure the financially sound issuance of debt for state and local governments, maintain the state’s “AAA” bond rating, and provide exemplary service across all divisions of the Department.

Organizational Values

At the heart of the Department's work are its core values, which are implemented consistently at all levels and across all divisions. They are:

Fiduciary Duty – focus on the taxpayers of the State of North Carolina.

Integrity, Ability and Passion – ensure that all North Carolina Department of State Treasurer employees are guided by these three principles as they perform their duties.

Make a Generational Difference – focus on the big picture.

Transparency – structure and conduct all aspects of our work with an open and transparent policy that promotes trust and accountability.

About the Department

The N.C. Department of State Treasurer (DST) serves the people of North Carolina through a variety of functions related to the financial health of the state and its citizens. State Treasurer Dale R. Folwell, CPA serves as the state’s banker and chief investment officer and is responsible for approximately $110 billion in assets. The department administers the employee retirement systems for more than 900,000 public workers, along with their 401(k), 457 and 403(b) plans. DST also oversees the State Health Plan, which provides health care coverage to more than 727,000 teachers, state employees, retirees, current and former lawmakers, state university and community college personnel, and their dependents. Fiscal assistance and expertise are provided by the department to local governmental units by aiding them in the sale of local government debt obligations and in maintaining sound budgeting, accounting, and reporting procedures. The department also administers the NC Cash unclaimed property database.