Press Releases

It could be a significant accomplishment by the General Assembly making a generational difference in the lives of so many families faced with financial ruin due to medical debt.

Nearly 10,000 Members Added to Humana Plans Results in Savings to Help Unfunded Liability

Blue Cross North Carolina only Losing Bidder to Proceed with Litigation Against State Health Plan

College has Quaker, Abolitionist Roots Dating to 1837

Local Government Commission Approves Projects During a Meeting at UNC Wilmington Campus

This is a positive reflection on the conservative regulatory environment that we have established in North Carolina

Treasurer Folwell and Community Leaders Discuss How Charlotte Patients Face Lawsuits Over Medical Debt, Listen to Community Perspective on Health Care Costs

Department of State Treasurer Found Money Awaiting Return

Pledges “Seamless Transition” as the New Third-Party Administrator in 2025

Groundbreaking Report Concludes Nonprofit Hospitals Paid Top Executives Over $1.75 Billion in the Past Decade, Doubling CEO Compensation Faster than Previously Thought