Press Releases

N.C. Treasurer Folwell Applauds Ruling

For the fourth year in a row, negotiations have resulted in substantial savings for dental, vision and identity theft protection

Department of State Treasurer Holds Event in Asheville to Raise Awareness, Get Feedback on High Health Care Costs

Funded Level Grows More Than Fourfold Since Treasurer Folwell First Took Office

Town Manager Says Funds Will Be Used for Public Works Department

Individuals with Disabilities See Account Fees Reduced by 25%

Criticizes Certificate of Need Law for Damaging the Affordability of Medical Care and Patients’ Access to Rural Hospitals

Treasurer Folwell Says 2022 Financing Helps Seniors, Low-Income Renters

Local Government Commission also OKs School, Other Government Building Funding

Treasurer Folwell and TSERS Board of Trustees Acknowledge His Contributions to the Retirement Systems