LGC Legislative Update - as of August 9, 2021

Highlights of 2021 legislation affecting local government finances and fiscal management, the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act, and other topics related to the oversight and authority of the LGC are presented below.

Session Law 2021-60


  • Part III made changes throughout NC General Statute 159 to update language from “agency funds” to “custodial funds” to reflect changes implemented via GASB 84.

Session Law 2021-58


  • Part II, Section 2(a) modifies § 143-128.1C (Public-private partnership construction contracts) regarding the timing of LGC involvement in P3 projects.
  • Part II, Section 3 modifies §159-28 to allow use of an automated pre-audit system if the system meets certain requirements and a certification is annually filed with the LGC.
  • Part II, Section 4 modifies § 159-181(c) to allow the LGC to waive the annual audit requirement for units under LGC control and also permits the LGC to recommend dissolution of the unit when this action is taken.
  • Part II, Section V modifies § 115C-218.30 to remove LGC oversight of charter schools.