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Department Reports
The Department of State Treasurer produces various reports on the performance of the Department and investments.  These reports include the following, which can be found on this page:
  • Annual Reports
  • Investment Performance Reports
  • Government Investment Operation Reports
  • Additional Reports
Annual Reports
Department of State Treasurer Annual Reports are created for each fiscal year and provide an overview of the Department and insight into each Division's responsibilities and accomplishments during the year.

Investment Performance Reports 

Investment returns for the state's pension fund are reported quarterly, providing returns by asset class and asset allocation for the total portfolio.

Government Investment Operation Reports

Persuant to G.S. 147-68, the Department provides these reports on the investment activities of the State Treasurer.

Additional Reports
This section contains other reports based on assessments or data gathered about the NC Retirement Systems and Investment Management Division.

September 30, 2016 Iran Divestment Act Report