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October 15, 2014

Update on Same Sex Marriage Ruling on State Health Plan and NC Retirement Systems

On October 10, 2014, a federal court overturned North Carolina's law regarding same gender marriage, recognizing same sex marriages as legal in North Carolina. This ruling now makes same sex spouses of State Health Plan members eligible for State Health Plan coverage.

This ruling is considered a qualifying life event and eligible spouses will have 30 days to add their spouse. A marriage certificate will be necessary to verify the spouse is an eligible member. The effective date of coverage will be November 1, 2014.

Beyond this initial 30 days, marriage is a qualifying life event and members will have 30 days to add a spouse to their health plan coverage. 

Employees should see their Health Benefits Representative for assistance in enrolling an eligible spouse.

Additionally, retirees could previously name their own beneficiary, so the ruling does not have a practical effect on the North Carolina Retirement Systems.​