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Treasurer Cowell Unveils ‘Futures’ Lifelong Financial Education Initiative 

RALEIGH, NC -- State Treasurer Janet Cowell today unveiled her initiative for lifelong financial education, “Futures,” at the Jump$tart Coalition’s lunch at Raleigh’s Quorum Center. “Futures” focuses on financial education for pre-kindergarten students, K-12 students, college students, adults and seniors. 

Since taking office, Treasurer Cowell has launched and supported a number of programs that offer financial counseling and education to citizens of all ages.

“Promoting financial education is a top priority for my office,” Cowell said. “So far this year, I’ve traveled the state to emphasize the importance of building better money management life skills and saving practices for young people. With ‘Futures,’ we will expand that to benefit North Carolinians from early childhood through retirement.”

At Jump$tart’s lunch celebrating Financial Literacy for Youth Month, Cowell indicated that after focusing on important financial concepts with K-12 students during the first part of 2014, she would be transitioning to a discussion of student debt with community college and university students, and focusing on retirement readiness for North Carolina citizens. She made a similar presentation at a North Carolina Citizens for Economic Education event in Winston-Salem last week.

Cowell has crossed the state this year presenting the story of Patches the Pig, a pink piggy bank, to help explain the importance of saving money and offer tips for smart financial habits for children. 

In addition, she championed six North Carolina schools competing in the Stock Market Game and played the Financial Football game with high school students and members of the Carolina Panthers. Finally, Cowell presented “In Your Own Words,” an interactive program that instructs students to write out financial goals on cards and share them with their peers, which stimulates discussion on spending and saving.

Financial education is a critical focus for students of all ages. For more information about State Treasurer Cowell’s Futures Initiative, please visit


Pictured: Treasurer Janet Cowell discusses the “Futures” financial education initiative with members of the Jump$tart Coalition at their luncheon in Raleigh on April 28, 2014.  Download the high-resolution photo​