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Financial Education Tools and Programs

Money Smart is a free financial education program sponsored by the FDIC to help individuals increase their financial knowledge and create positive relationships with financial institutions.   The curriculum includes lessons for adults and teenagers and can be used by educators, parents, and any organization sponsoring financial education programs.  Topics include, “Borrowing Basics”, “Pay Yourself First”, “Your Own Home”, and “Paying for College and Cars”.

Get Money Smart “on the go” with the Money Smart Podcast Network (MP3) organizes financial education help from over 20 different Federal web sites in one place. Content is organized by where you are in life ("Life Events"), who you are ("My Resources"), and by specific hands-on tools ("Tools"). is a free service sponsored by the Aspen Institute and The Center for the Study of Social Policy.  Nonprofit agencies can use the web based financial tools to help counsel their customers on credit and money management.  Membership in the Asset Platform is free and allows agencies access to webinars, trainings, tools, and other special features.

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