Annual Audit Reports Submitted to the Local Government Commission

The list below displays the submission status and annual audit reports for the 100 counties, 551 municipalities, and approximately 50 utility districts and authorities in North Carolina.

The audit reports made available here were submitted to the Secretary of the LGC as required under North Carolina General Statute 159-34. Inclusion of a report in this list does not imply that the report or its contents were approved by the LGC, its Secretary or its staff. Questions on the contents of the reports should be directed to the submitting unit; LGC staff cannot answer questions specific to the contents of the reports.

Audits are added to the list following receipt and review by LGC staff; if a county, municipality, or utility district/authority is not included in the list, the unit’s audit report has not yet been received and reviewed by LGC staff. Note that depending on the complexity of the audit report and any questions or issues identified by LGC staff, it may take several weeks between receipt of an audit report and its review and inclusion on this list. Audit reports are due four months after fiscal year end, or October 31 for units with June 30 fiscal year end. This list is updated daily.

Note: Please refer to our Audit Reports of Local Governments webpage for important information on due dates and exceptions to audit requirements.