The North Carolina Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, signed into law in 2015, allows people with disabilities the opportunity to save money in a tax-advantaged NC ABLE account, while maintaining Medicaid, SSI and other supports. People with disablities or their parent/guardian may open a NC ABLE account. Savings up to $100,000, are not counted toward a person’s eligibility for SSI, and Medicaid eligibility is maintained with savings up to $450,000. A total of $15,000 a year can be contributed to the NC ABLE account in 2018, from various sources such as friends, family and employment earnings.  ​

New rules allow for 529 college savings account roll-ins to NC ABLE accounts, and permit more contributions for those account owners who work. The North Carolina Department of State Treasurer is coordinating the implementation, administration and outreach of this important new program.



NC ABLE accounts allow eligible individuals to save and fund a variety of qualified disability expenses without endangering eligibility for certain benefits that are critical to their health and well-being, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income.


Administration of the North Carolina ABLE Program

The Department of State Treasurer is excited to implement and administer this program for the citizens of North Carolina. People with questions about the NC ABLE Program can contact:

Mary Buonfiglio
Deputy Director, Supplemental Plans
North Carolina Department of State Treasurer
Phone: 919-814-4176