Updates to Data Input Workbooks
Workbooks now current as of Oct. 19, 2022

Memo to assist with changes to G.S. 159-29

The 2022 Data Input Workbooks have been updated to address several issues that were identified by auditors and LGC staff. Please use the most recently posted Data Input Workbooks now available and refer to our "Submitting Your 2022 Audit" webpage for other information and resources.

We have made several revisions to the data input workbook: (1) language added to several questions on the “TD Info Completed by Auditor” tab for clarification purposes; (2) formulas revised to address issues encountered by users with earlier versions of Excel; (3) formulas revised on the “Performance Indicator FBA%” tab and “RSS” tab.

Please be sure to use these updated files to prevent entry errors/issues and to ensure the data can be reviewed by LGC staff. If you have questions about these changes, please email LGC staff at SLGFD@nctreasurer.com.