Debt Application and Audit Deadlines for LGC Meetings November 2020 – February 2021

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Any unit of government with a June 30 fiscal year end that is seeking debt approval in November or a later month will need to have its 2020 audited financial statements submitted to the LGC staff before the application can go forward.  Below are the deadlines through February 2021.  Deadlines for the remainder of the 2021 calendar year will be posted on our website in the coming days.

LGC Meeting Application Due Date Audit Due Date
11/10/2020 10/6/2020 10/16/2020
12/1/2020 11/3/2020 11/13/2020
1/5/2021 12/1/2020 12/14/2020
2/2/2021 1/5/2021 1/15/2021