Monday, August 10, 2020

The Local Government Commission staff is excited to announce its partnership in the Local Government Technology Initiative (LOGOTIN) project. The project is being led by a steering committee comprising representatives from the NC Government Finance Officers Association, the North Carolina League of Municipalities, the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, the City of High Point, and LGC staff.

The goal of the project is to identify one or more software systems that could assist small and medium-sized local governments in meeting their essential financial, compliance, and reporting obligations in an efficient and transparent manner.

We know that many smaller local governments have difficulty maintaining the accounting records necessary to prepare accurate and timely financial reports.  This project can help local governments by:

  • identifying software systems that meet the financial management needs of smaller local governments
  • eliminating the time and expertise needed to identify a system
  • eliminating costly trial and error of system selection and implementation
  • developing a standard chart of accounts that can be utilized by local governments who wish to use it

We need your assistance to help us understand the financial processes and practices used by local governments throughout North Carolina. If you currently use financial management software, we’re also interested in your experiences using and implementing your system. We will use your information to help us develop software requirements, implementation requirements, and best practices.

A survey is now available that will allow you to share your input and experiences - both of which are critical to the success of this project. 

If you would be willing to participate in this project by completing the survey and sharing your input, please complete the LOGOTIN Survey no later than August 28.

The LOGOTIN project will provide lasting impact on local governments and their ability to provide timely, accurate, and meaningful financial information to their governing bodies and citizens. We hope that you will join in this important project by sharing your input with us through the LOGOTIN Survey.