NC ABLE Program Resources

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NEW!!    An-Introduction-to-ABLE-Accounts-and-the-NC-ABLE-Program-(09-19-18-Rev.-05-17-19).pdfAn Introduction to ABLE Accounts and the NC ABLE Program,​ by Reid Chisholm, Assistant General Counsel, NC Department of State Treasurer, provides an in-depth review of ABLE and status update on the NC ABLE Program - as of September 2018. 

The ABLE National Resource Center (ANRC) is a collaborative whose supporters share the goal of accelerating the
design and availability of ABLE accounts for the benefit of individuals with disabilities and their families.​

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has released Guidlines for State Mediicaid Programs and ABLE accounts.   SMD# 17-002 RE: Implications of the ABLE Act for State Medicaid Programs September 7, 2017. Its purpose is “to provide guidance to states on the implications of the ABLE Act for state Medicaid programs.


NC Department of Health and Human Services provided a State Plan Amendment under Title XIX of the Social Security Act for the Medical Assistance Program​, explaining how Medicaid can comply with the NC ABLE Act. 

The NC Bar Association​ and Disability Rights North Carolina​ provide resources for those seeking legal assistance. 

Social Security​ Administration (SSA)   publishes guidelines, called Program Operations Manual System (POMS), regarding the ABLE Act, ABLE accounts, and ABLE funds. Latest update - March 2018 - can be found h​ere​​.​ 

The IRS provided "Guidelines Under Section 529A: Qualified ABLE Programs" in June 2015.​

The ABLE Act, signed into law December 19, 2014, creating a new Section 529A of the Internal Revenue Code.

The NC ABLE Act, signed into law, August 14, 2015, allowing NC to offer this program to eligible citizens.


Proposed Federal ABLE Legislation that would affect ABLE accounts 


ABLE Age Adjustment Act - H. R. 1874  and S. 817