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NC 403(b) Program

The NC 403(b) Program is a low-cost, centrally-administered retirement option for many public school and community college teachers and staff. Participating school districts and North Carolina community colleges may offer the NC 403(b) Program alongside their current 403(b) offerings, or offer it as a sole option.
The NC Department of State Treasurer administers the NC 403(b) Program, and serves to support plan sponsors - NC school districts and community colleges. Prudential Retirement provides the recordkeeping and communications services for the NC 403(b) Program. For more information, or to enroll, visit

Review the NC 403(b) Program Highlights​ to learn more about the features of the program, including:
  • Pre-tax contributions
  • Full vesting from the day you begin investing
  • Variety of investment options
  • GoalMaker asset allocation feature
  • Flexible withdrawal options
The features of all of the NC Total Retirement Plans are similar, but also have distinct differences. The following information to help you make an informed decision. 
  • The Plan Comparison Chart​​ compares all three NC Total Retirement Plans - NC 401(k) and NC 457 Plans, as well as the NC 403(b) Program
  • Governing Documents for the NC 403(b) Program provide information about rules and governance structure for the NC 403(b) Program
What Investment Options are Available within the NC 403(b) Program?
Within the 403(b) program, participants have access to several different investment options, based on your retirement plans and risk tolerance. Learn about the NC 403(b) investment options here​.


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