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Active Government Employees

Familiarize yourself with the benefits available to you as a member of the North Carolina Retirement Systems. Stay up to date on the news and information that affects your benefits, access your personal retirement account forms and benefit estimators through ORBIT to plan your long-term financial future.

Redesigned ORBIT Issues

Since the redesign of ORBIT, some members have had trouble logging in, whether they are users who already have accounts, or they are logging into ORBIT for the first time. Once in ORBIT, users are also having trouble with security emails, device registration and forgetting their username or password.

The Retirement Systems has created How To videos, along with Frequently Asked Questions​, to help our members log into and navigate ORBIT. These videos and FAQs should help answer some of the most common questions and issues our members are encountering in the redesigned environment.

2016 Annual Benefits Statements Now Available!

If you are a current North Carolina public employee with more than 12 months of service, your 2016 Annual Benefits Statement (ABS) is in your ORBIT account, and you can begin planning your retirement today! Your ABS is a unique, personalized snapshot of your projected sources of income in retirement. 
Because ORBIT was recently updated with a new look and feel, the Retirement Systems has developed several “How To” videos as well as some Frequently Asked Questions to help members navigate the updated ORBIT site.
It lists service in the NC Retirement Systems as of Dec. 31, 2016, estimated retirement benefits from your pension, estimated Social Security income, and your contributions to the NC 401(k), NC 457 Plans, and the NC 403(b) Program. The statement also calculates any outside assets or pensions that you entered into the Retirement Income Calculator on the Prudential site. These combined assets will be calculated into your projected monthly retirement income, too. 
Visit the Annual Benefits Statement​ page of our website where you will find:
  • A User Guide training tutorial
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • An animated video about the Annual Benefits Statement
  • Links to resources for all ages and career stages​
Former Retirement Systems Division Phone Number Possibly Being Used By Scammers
The Retirement Systems Division has been informed that a previous phone number associated with the Division is being used by a company that provides possible misleading information about the opportunity to qualify for a gift card or rebate voucher. Upon dialing the old number, callers are prompted to provide personal information, including credit card information and date of birth, in exchange for the opportunity to qualify for the offer. 
This issue has been reported to the N.C. Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Division which is investigating the matter. 
The Retirement Systems Division encourages you to be mindful of potential scams and refrain from providing personal information over the phone requested by unauthorized personnel. The updated number for the Retirement Systems Division is 877-NC-SECURE (877-627-3287).

Reduction-in-Force Information for Employees

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Legislation that Affects You

Click here to find summaries of retirement-related legislation.

Auto-Enrollment into the SHP
Click here to learn about the ​State Health Plan enrollment process for eligible retiring employees.

Retirement Service Credit Purchasing

You may be eligible to purchase retirement credit that may increase the amount of your monthly benefit or allow you to retire at an earlier age.

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