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 March 2017

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Successful 403(b) Move to Prudential Complete ​​

The NC 403(b) Program has completed the move from TIAA to Prudential Retirement. All participants in the NC Total Retirement Plans – NC 403(k) and NC 457 Plans, as well as the NC 403(b) Program – now benefit from the same outstanding service model and have a unified approach and service provider to offer assistance to get retirement ready! In January, participants received a transition letter that provided all the details on the transition of fund assets to the new NC 403(b) fund line-up, how to connect to their local retirement education counselor for confidential and person assistance, and information about accessing new resources online at NCPlans.prudential.com

More details are coming in a Welcome Letter this month, as well! We’ve been communicating extensively with all our employers who sponsor the NC 403(b) Program throughout the transition period, as well. School districts and community colleges – If you’ve been considering offering the award-winning NC 403(b) Program– now is a great time to do so! Almost 75% of employees who save on their own in one of the NC Total Retirement Plans are “retirement ready” – versus 50% of employees who participate in the NC pension plan alone. Please partner with us to help our public school and community college teachers and staff get retirement ready!  Visit NCPlans.prudential.com for more information!



Former Retirement Systems Division Phone Number Possibly Being Used By Scammers

The Retirement Systems Division has been informed that a previous phone number associated with the Division is being used by a company that provides possible misleading information about the opportunity to qualify for a gift card or rebate voucher. Upon dialing the old number, callers are prompted to provide personal information, including credit card information and date of birth, in exchange for the opportunity to qualify for the offer. 

This issue has been reported to the N.C. Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Division which is investigating the matter. 

The Retirement Systems Division encourages you to ensure that all materials you have on your website or distribute to your employees that contain the Retirement Systems Division contact information includes our updated phone number.  The updated number for the Retirement Systems Division is 877-NC-SECURE (877-627-3287). Remember, it’s always best to go to ORBIT to download the most recent version of any document, including forms, as they are updated frequently.