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Treasurer's Strategic Initiatives

Our vision is to create and maintain a fiscally sound and prosperous North Carolina.

Our mission is to exercise fiduciary oversight and provide outstanding customer service that provides value to, and instills confidence by, the state's citizens, customers, and financial community.

Strategic Goals
The North Carolina Department of State Treasurer has identified the following seven strategic goals:

Read the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer's Strategic Plan

Core Values
Each of the following core values of the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer is implemented consistently at all levels, across all departments and initiatives.

  • Customer Orientation - Keep the customer, the citizens of the state of North Carolina, at the center of our focus in all that we do.
  • Diversity - Recognize and value the benefits of diverse ideas, perspectives, and people through Human Resources practices, vendor selection, and operational procedures.
  • Expertise - Recruit and maintain the highest levels of expertise in all aspects related to the Department of State Treasurer through hiring, contract services, retention, and training of resources.  To provide the optimal level of service to the citizens of North Carolina.
  • Integrity - Establish and maintain the highest level of integrity by installing and ensuring ethical practices throughout the department.
  • Long-term View - Maintain a big picture perspective and strategy, consistent with the goals and responsibilities of the Department of State Treasury.
  • Transparency - Structure and conduct all aspects of government regarding the Department of State Treasurer with an open and transparent policy, promoting both trust and accountability.