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Requests for Proposals

The Department of State Treasurer's current Requests for Proposals for services are listed below. Please see each RFP for additional information about proposal and process.

For general information about procurement process, please view the Outline of the Procurement Process

Recordkeeping, Communication Services for The Supplemental Retirement Income Plan of North Carolina ("NC 401(k)") and The North Carolina Public Employee Deferred Compensation Plan ("NC 457")

Investment Consultant to the North Carolina Supplemental Retirement Board of Trustees


Audit Services for the Supplemental Retirement Plans
Request for Proposal for Audit Services for the Supplemental Retirement Plans

Contract for Actuarial Service

Independent Review and Evaluation of North Carolina Retirement Systems Division's Benefits Processing Section 
Securities Litigation Evaluation Counsel 
Fiduciary Counsel
Investments Counsel
Tax Counsel
State and Local Government Division Financial Advisory Agreement
State and Local Government Finance Division

Securities Litigation Counsel (2009)
Innovation Fund for North Carolina Retirement Systems