NCCash.com will be upgrading the unclaimed property search system from July 15, 2019 to July 23, 2019.  During this time, you will be unable to search for or check the status of unclaimed property.  Thank you for your patience as we work to provide you with a better and faster search experience.


What is Unclaimed Property?
Unclaimed property consists of bank accounts, wages, utility deposits, insurance policy proceeds, stocks, bonds, and contents of safe deposit boxes that typically have been abandoned for one to five years. Funds become unclaimed because the company loses track of the consumer, due to an incorrect address or other missing information.

By law, these funds are escheated, or turned over, to the Department of State Treasurer for safekeeping. As new funds are added, the NC Cash database is updated, which means that your name could be listed right now.

You may be richer than you think!   
Search our database of unclaimed property.  If there's a match, claim your cash!