Holder Education and Reporting
Holder Reporting, part of the NC Cash Program, provides education and resources to business holders of unclaimed property to help ensure compliance with North Carolina's unclaimed property laws and requirements.

NOTE:  In this sense, "business holders" means any business entity in possession of unclaimed property.

North Carolina's unclaimed property law requires all companies and institutions operating in the State to examine their books and other accounting records by a specific deadline to determine whether they are in possession of dormant unclaimed property.

If they are, the companies are required to file a Holder Report with the Unclaimed Property Division, and to remit the unclaimed property to the Department of State Treasurer.

The Four-Step Process

For holders of unclaimed property, the reporting process in North Carolina involves four simple, but important steps.  This section of the website will guide you through the process of reporting unclaimed property.​


2015 Holder Seminar Presentation

 Holder Reporting Four-Step Process

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