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Holder Verification and Reporting Forms

Holder Verification Forms

An ASD-159 or ASD-159T (Tangible Property) must be filed with all holder reports. 

 Form Number Form Title 
 ASD-159 Unclaimed Property Verification Report 
 ​ASD-159T Unclaimed Property Verification Report (Tangible Property)​

Reporting Forms

A reporting form must accompany each Holder Verification form.  You will need to submit one of the forms below, depending on the type of property you are reporting.  If you have no unclaimed property to report, you may file a negative report.
 Form Number Form Title 
 ASD-21 Report of Unclaimed Property 
 ASD-127 Abandoned Tangible Property 
 ASD-NEG Negative Report of Unclaimed Property 

Owner Relationship and NAUPA Class Codes
with Dormancy Periods

Owner Relationship Codes

NAUPA Class Codes and Dormancy Period Charts

Reporting Guides and Instructions

The following guides are available to assist you in preparing your holder reports:

General Guides
General Reporting Instructions and Information

 Report Year Conversion Tables

Determine specific holding periods and reporting deadlines:

All Companies except Life Insurance and Government Agencies

Life Insurance Filers​​

Government Agencies

 Electronic Reporting

The following free reporting resources are available to help you report eletronically:​

Free software to prepare an unclaimed property report in the required format
Free online report submission service