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Holder Verification Form

An ASD-159 must be filed with all holder reports.  Refer to the NAUPA Class Codes and Dormancy Period Chart for a listing of property types and associated dormancy periods for governmental agencies, life insurance companies, and all other businesses and organizations. 

 Form Number Form Title 
 ASD-159 Unclaimed Property Verification Report 
NOTE:  The ASD-159G form has been combined with the ASD-159 form.  In addition, the ASD-159 form is no longer required to be notarized.

Reporting Forms

A reporting form must accompany each Holder Verification and Checklist form.  You will need to submit one of the forms below, depending on the type of property you are reporting.  If you have no unclaimed property to report, you may file a negative report.

 Form Number Form Title 
 ASD-21 Report of Unclaimed Property 
 ASD-215 Report of Unclaimed Securities 
 ASD-127 Abandoned Tangible Personal Property 
 ASD-NEG Negative Report of Unclaimed Property 

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