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Policy Manual

Policy Manual
The following sections provide guidelines and resources for local government financial policies.

Section # Policy Section Type ​​Revision Date
10 Budgeting​ PDF 11/1/2016
15 Revenue Sources PDF 7/1/2000​
20 Capital Assets PDF 8/1/2014
​​30 Cash and Investments​ PDF 11/1/2016
30C Exhibit C: Sample RFP for Procurement of Banking Services Word 9/26/2013
​30C-a Exhibit C: Sample Attachment - Cost Form Excel 9/26/2013​
​30F Exhibit F: Sample Cash Management and Investment Policy​ Word 9/26/2013​
30G Exhibit G: Sample Resolution Adopting Cash Management and Investment Policy​ Word 9/26/2013​
​30H Exhibit H: Sample Investment Broker-Dealer Questionnaire​​ Word 9/26/2013​
30J ​Exhibit J: Sample Resolution Designating an Official Depository - Dedicated Method Bank Word 9/26/2013
30K Exhibit K: Sample Resolution Designating an Official Depository - Pooling Method Bank Word 9/26/2013
​30N ​​Exhibit N:  Sample Ordinance for Petty Cash
Word 11/1/2016​
​80 ​Internal Controls PDF 3/21/2017