State Health Plan Board of Trustees

The State Health Plan Board of Trustees carries out their duties and responsibilities as fiduciaries for the State Health Plan. The Plan administers comprehensive group health plans for teachers, state employees, retirees, current and former lawmakers, state university and community college personnel, state hospital staff and their dependents, that are comprehensive in coverage. For more information, visit the State Health Plan website.

The State Treasurer serves as Chair.  In addition to the Treasurer, the board consists of nine additional members:  The Director of the Office of State Budget and Management; two members appointed by the Governor; two members appointed by the State Treasurer; two members appointed by the General Assembly upon recommendation of the Speaker of the House;  and, two members appointed by the General Assembly upon recommendation of the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. 

In making the appointments, one of the members appointed by the Governor and the State Treasurer and two of the members appointed by the General Assembly must be one of the following:   (1) an employee of a State Department, agency, or institution; (2) a teacher employed by the North Carolina public school system; (3) a retired employee of a State department, agency, or institution; or (4) a retired teacher from a North Carolina public school system.    The appointments must have the following expertise:  (1) actuarial science; (2) health economics; (3) health benefits and administration; or (4) health law and policy. N.C.G.S. 135-48.20.

ZebulonNCB.S. Health EducationState employee/local government employee
Rocky MountNCMasters, Health Admin; BA Health economics
Maggie ValleyNCA.A.S. Degree Hospitality Management & Administration State employee/local government employee
Winston-SalemNCCPA, Masters in AccountingState Treasurer
CaryNCB.S. PharmacyHealth Economics; Health Benefits and Administration
MarshvilleNCBA Political Science/Criminal Justice, K-12 Health and Physical Education Teaching CertificationTeacher/public school employee or administrator
TobaccovilleNCEd.D Educational Administration Teacher/public school employee or administrator
RaleighNCMasters Public Administration, BA Political ScienceState Budget Director
Winston-SalemNCM.D.Medical professional/doctor
EdenNCTeacher/public school employee or administrator