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​​Step 4:  Submit Your Report and Remit Funds Due

Once you have prepared your report, you are ready to complete the process. 

Based on the reporting format you determined, either submit your report electronically or manually.  Be sure to include the ASD-159 and all necessary forms.

Remit Funds Due
Checks should be made payable to “North Carolina Department of State Treasurer.”  Reports and remittances should be mailed to:

NC Department of State Treasurer

Unclaimed Property Program

3200 Atlantic Avenue

Raleigh, NC 27604-1668

ACH or Wire Transfers

Please see the link below to obtain current ACH and wire transmittal instructions.  Please include a copy of the ACH or wire transmittal with your holder report.

View ACH and wire transfer instructions​

Record Retention

North Carolina General Statute 116B-73(a) requires that you maintain all records containing information required to be included in the report for 10 years after you file the report for all records prior to July 16, 2012.  For reports filed after July 16, 2012, the holder must retain the supporting documentation for 5 years after filing the report.

Step 4 Checklist

To complete Step 4, you should have completed the following:

  • Submitted your report prior to the reporting due date
  • Mailed any required manual forms (including those required for electronic filing)
  • Remitted any funds due to the NC Department of State Treasurer
  • Prepared to retain records according to guidelines

If you have completed all parts to this step, you have now completed the Holder Reporting process!


 Holder Reporting Four-Step Process