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Constitution of North Carolina


ARTICLE I Declaration of Rights

ARTICLE II Legislative




ARTICLE VI Suffrage and Eligibility to Office

ARTICLE VII Local Government

ARTICLE VIII Corporations

ARTICLE IX Education

ARTICLE X Homesteads and Exemptions

ARTICLE XI Punishments, Corrections, and Charities

ARTICLE XII Military Forces

ARTICLE XIII Conventions; Constitutional Amendment and Revision

ARTICLE XIV Miscellaneous

History Note. - Session Laws 1969, c. 1258, proposed a complete editorial revision of the Constitution of North Carolina, to be submitted to the qualified voters of the State at the 1970 general election. The revised Constitution was adopted by vote of the people at the general election held Nov. 3, 1970, to take effect July 1, 1971. In addition to the new Constitution, six other constitutional amendments were submitted to the voters at the 1970 general election, to be voted on independently, and five of these were adopted. The effect of these amendments is indicated in notes under the sections affected.

Editor's Note. - Where appropriate, annotations construing various sections of the Constitution of 1868 have been placed under corresponding sections of the Constitution of 1970.


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